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Inspectors, LLC
​​​​Express Home Inspectors
​Almost 30 years in San Diego
Three reasons to use
most qualified and competent inspectors
fastest response with on-site reports​
expertise at low prices
Express Home Inspectors formally known as Express Home Inspections has been the leading  home inspection company in the San Diego area for almost thirty years.  Our inspectors are liscensed general contractors with over fifty years of hands on experience in the field.  We have the most qualified and competent inspectors in the industry.  We provide thorough home inspections and on site reports.  Inspections are availble seven days a week with flexiable scheduling to meet client's needs.  
Why get a Home Inspection?
​Buying a home can be an exciting and sometimes stressful time.  As a buyer, getting a quality home inspection before you make an offer on a property will give you piece of mind.  As a seller, a home inspection allows you the opportunity to repair any needed items to maximize the value of your home.  A home inspection allows both the buyer and seller the opportunity to negotiate fairly and saves time in the long run.